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Dr. Leslie Kalyn

Health & Wellbeing Expert

 Professional Speaker - Coach - Podcaster

Powerful Speaker

Leslie Kalyn offers a unique and inspiring speaking service with a focus on helping people stop playing small and step into their highest self-worth. 

Transformation Coach

Leslie Kalyn offers personalized guidance and support, using her REMAP process, to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. 


Leslie Kalyn's podcast focuses on topics of Self-mastery and the latest researched life hacks for longevity, mental wellness, relationships, finances, mindset, consciousness , and more.


About Leslie

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Triumphant journey back to my authentic self

Since my awakening many years ago, I have gone from complete conditioned obscurity to bringing forward a new paradigm of health, healing, and self mastery to the world. I feel truly blessed and grateful for my journey, but I was not always in a state of empowerment, purpose, success, and fulfillment.

Unexpected changes, collapsing of my old life

I grew up feeling like I didn't belong, isolated and empty lacking a connection with something greater I couldn't quite put my finger on. It always seemed out of reach despite my desperate attempts to find it.


Not so long ago, my life took a sudden and terrifying turn for the worst. I found myself battling for my safety, freedom and health as my entire life came crashing down...... some call it a dark night of the soul....this went on for quite some time, as I sat alone feeling there was no path forward......But then.......

Purpose & insights unlocked, A new chapter begins

The journey I never imaged, but knew I was meant for on a deep level, was finally upon me. My incredible struggle forced me to dive into the distorted physical, mental, emotional, and consciousness patterns that limited me. Although my conditioning wanted me to resist, I was shown with great certainty, there is more to my existence than I thought possible. From the deep understanding I stepped into and the resulting wholeness that replaced my once empty yearning, I became ignited to guide others down their path to total transformation using my self-mastery process called REMAP ™

Leslie Kalyn

Powerful Speaker

As a professional speaker, I help women overcome anxiety and fear after trauma, tragedy and major life set backs. My mission is to inspire women to think differently and embrace their adversity from a place of empowerment. From my own struggles, I created a personal development approach called the REMAP ™ process that is filled with practical tools, skills, & strategies that transform lives quickly, efficiently and effectively. I believe having a solid personal development framework to apply in life is key to success. I share my step by step approach with my audience so they can take back their power back, regain confidence, and create the authentically fulfilling life they were meant to have.

I specialize in topics such overcoming anxiety/fear, shame, guilt, and self-blame; self-love; and manifestation. Through my speeches, I aim to motivate and empower individuals to take action and achieve their dreams. Join me on this journey to reach your highest potential no matter what your circumstances.

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Transformation Coach

Leslie Kalyn, D.N.P. is Total Transformation Coach/Mentor and Clinician.

She has helped her exclusive clientele create health, wealth, happiness, and fulfillment by  aligning with their authentic heart desires. 

Her clients are aged 18-65, and are located in the USA, Europe, New Zealand, and Canada.

Leslie is an entrepreneur having owned her own regenerative practice and Medspa, and launched a coaching practice to meet the increasing demand for guidance during the pandemic.

Leslie is an accomplished speaker having spoken at various global summits and engagements in the personal growth and business development arena.

She holds a Doctoral degree in Nursing Practice and has over a decade of experience practicing as a Nurse Practitioner.

Leslie was Born in Canada, and is Ukrainian by heritage. On a personal note, Leslie is a competitive Argentine tango dancer, loves to travel the world, seek new adventures and ways to give back.

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Inspiring You To Reach Your Greatest Potential

Dr Leslie Kalyn is the owner of a revolutionary personal development brand that offers a practical, efficient, and effective approach to self mastery. She helps people expand into their higher potential of health, wellness, and vitality by mastering their physical bodies, mind set, and energy nature. 


The Next Level Podcast with Dr. Leslie

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The Next Level Podcast with Dr. Leslie is a weekly podcast hosted by Leslie Kalyn, D.N.P. Join her and her guests as they share inspiring stories and expertise to help them overcome life’s challenges and get to the next level in the game of life.


Covering everything health, wellbeing, and personal development, each episode will provide practical tools and strategies to make the self-evolution process more efficient and effective.

Leslie Kalyn

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