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Unlock Your BEst Life

practically, efficiently and effectively

with Dr. Leslie

The REMAP™ Process is a personal development framework created by Dr. Leslie Kalyn's 20 cumulative years in healthcare, coaching, and spiritualism. The process guides you through your self-evolution journey effectively, practically, and quickly.  It stands for Reflection, Emotional switch, Mental reconditioning, Action steps, and Progress check. It is so simple anyone can use it. 

The REMAP™ process gets to the root of your limitations in your energy, cognitive, and physical bodies so you can truly make breakthroughs on your journey and usher in lasting change. The process is effective because it works with the universal laws of energy to immediately and permanently shift your energy field and reinforces those shifts with proven psychology-based strategies and physical reinforcement for maximum impact. The key to maximally implementing this process is to master the tools, strategies, and skills within each one of the 5 REMAP steps. Through Dr. Leslie's extensive experience, education, and research she has mastered this method and is grateful to be able to share how others can master this process with others. 

It doesn't matter where you are on your self-evolutionary journey, The REMAP™ process can transform your life into the one you truly desire, deserve, and are meant to have. To start learning how to integrate the REMAP process and step into your most authentic life, click 

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