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New Human Quantum Regeneration Session

30 minute one on one healing and advancement session

Service Description

I usually take on clients for 1:1 sessions on a case by case bases, but I am so passionate about sharing how to tap into this higher potential that I am opening up my calendar. With this session I am also a personalized description of your strategy and authority and how to apply in relation to what we covered in your virtual session. This is a value packed offer! So, if you are ready to bring your journey through life to a new level of physical healing and regeneration, then this exclusive 1 hour individualized guidance with me, Dr. Leslie, is what you need. Using the REMAP™ process I developed, during our session you will be facilitated to expand your own understanding, resources, capacities, and potentials to move you effectively, efficiently, and practically through your physical healing and regeneration process. During this session, we can cover how to connect with your 5 bodies of consciousness so you can manage your health, get clarity on the deeper cause of the ailments, receive activations and energy work to bring this forward, and receive spirit guided steps to follow this through to fruition in a way that is aligned with your highest good and intention. Essentially, you will be introduced to the practical steps you can start using your quantum nature to start co-creating a healthy and vital life with divine consciousness. How I facilitate this process? I act as a conduit of energy transference through my words and energy work which activate new templates of self-love within my clients. Self love is the foundation for all higher creation and powerfully activates the authentic self expression which triggers a higher consciousness of possibility to manifest in your health, wellness, and abundance. **This offer is for New Human patrons only. When you purchase this session you will be directed to schedule on my calendar. All meetings are done via zoom. I look forward to working with you! Much love Leslie Kalyn, D.N.P.

Cancelation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us 24 hours in advance. Thank you!

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