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HAI's Consulting division offers business strategy and project implementation to help organizarions develop, launch, improve and expand their health and wellness focused initiatives. Whether it's creating health clinics, employee wellness initiatives, or health benefit plans for non-health care corporates, or streamlining operations, creating new revenue streams, or improving patient outcomes in healthcare organizations, we have you covered.

Recent work

Startup Ventures

Developed and launched a Wellness center with naturopathic and regenerative medicine.


New Division of Revenue

Developed an international medical tourism division to a multidisciplinary surgical practice.

Traveling by Air

Marketing and Promotions

Developed marketing and promotional strategy with implementation for corporate health clinics, alternative medicine clinics, and aesthetic and surgical practices,


New Hospital Infrastructure

Developed the medical policies, procedures, and guidelines, and planned and organized the development of the onsite lab and clinic for a new 181 bed rehabilitation and psychiatric facility.

Image by Adhy Savala

Project Implementation

Developed a Pulmonary Artery hypertension clinic and outpatient pulmonary rehabilitation clinic for a large multilocation pulmonary practice.

Doctor's Visit

Optimizing Billing and Reimbursement

Implement initiative to improve coding practices of clinicians and optimized billing systems for insurance based reimbursement.

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