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HAI created its research division to expand Dr. Kalyn's contribution to knowledge generating and application research. HAI focuses on research in energy medicine, mental health, quantum healing, epigenetics, and regenerative medicine.

To help bring more cutting-edge insights, methods, and treatments to the health and wellness community, HAI Research is always looking to partner with individuals and organizations. If you are interested in partnering with Dr. Leslie Kalyn on a research study, please submit your inquiry.

Research Studies


Future Research Areas

Quantum Healing

Will Neutrinos reveal the secret to energy-based healing technology?


Applying the discoveries of neutrino particles into health and healing



How can DNA methylation treatment be used to prevent and treat psychiatric disorders in predisposed patients?

Applying epigenetics for the treatment of mental illness.

DNA 12.jpg

Ascension effects

How tapping into higher consiousness affects physical health and regeneration potential


Study long term effects of spiritual ascension on physical health and vitality

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