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leslie kalyn,DNP

Health & Wellness Expert
Facilitator, Speaker & Author 

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The New Human


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How I arrived here

Triumphant journey back to my authentic self

Hello and Welcome! I am so glad you found your way here! If we haven't already met, I'm Dr. Leslie Kalyn but I prefer you just call me Leslie. Today, I am a Health and Wellbeing expert. I provide life style consulting to help my exclusive clientele get to the next level of their success, fulfillment, and vitality. I am also a speaker and author sharing my wisdom to transform people's lives in practical, efficient, and effective ways. Since my awakening a few years ago, I have gone from complete conditioned obscurity to bringing forward a new paradigm of health, healing, and self evolution to the world. I feel truly blessed and grateful for my journey, but I was not always in a state of empowerment, purpose, success, and fulfillment.........

How I awakened

Unexpected changes, Dark night of the soul

I grew up feeling like I didn't belong, isolated and empty lacking a connection with something greater I couldn't quite put my finger on. It always seemed out of reach despite my desperate attempts to find it. Not so long ago, my life took a sudden and terrifying turn for the worst. I found myself battling for my safely, freedom and health as my entire life came crashing down...... A dark night of the soul went on for quite some time, as I sat alone feeling there was no path forward......But then.......

Sitting on Rock

Purpose & insights unlocked, A new chapter begins

The journey I never imaged, but knew I was meant for on a deep level, was finally upon me. My incredible struggle forced me to dive into the distorted physical, mental and spiritual patterns that limit me. Although my conditioning wanted me to resist, I was shown with great certainty, there is more to human existence than I thought possible. From the deep understanding that I stepped into and the resulting wholeness that replaced my once empty yearning, I became ignited to guide others down their necessary path to transformation and positive self-evolution.

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